This page lists my conference papers, talks, and interviews and podcasts I've been involved in. My writing is also available on this site. For a list of digital projects I'm involved in please refer to my projects page.

Selected Conference Papers

Bala’awi, F., Mubaideen, S., Smithies, J., Flohr, P., Esposito, A., Palmer, C., & Idwan, S. (2021). The MaDiH (مديح): Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan, Opportunities and Limitations. In M. Rauterberg (Ed.), Culture and Computing. Interactive Cultural Heritage and Arts (pp. 15–26). Springer International Publishing.
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Smithies, J., Balaawi, F., Flohr, P., Zerbini, A., Adwan, S., Rababeh, S., & Palmer, C. (2019, September 18). Research Software Engineering in Jordan: The MaDiH (مديح) Project. RSE2019, Birmingham.
Smithies, J., Atkinson, S., Hall, E., Gadney, G., & Parry, A. (2019, September 4). Innovation at the Intersection: Using STS to enable University – Technology Sector Collaboration. Society for Social Studies of Science, New Orleans.
Society for Social Studies of Science
Smithies, J. (2018). Interrogating Global Humanities Infrastructure. Critical Infrastructure Studies panel, Modern Language Association, New York.
Critical Infrastructure Studies panel, Modern Language Association
Smithies, J., Paul Caton, Ginestra Ferraro, Luis Figueira, Elliott Hall, Neil Jakeman, Pam Mellen, Anna-Maria Sichani, Miguel Vieira, Tim Watts, & Carina Westling. (2017, August 10). Mechanizing the Humanities? King’s Digital Lab as Critical Experiment. DH2017, McGill University, Montreal.
Smithies, J., Sichani, A.-M., & Westling, C. (2017, June 14). Preserving 30 years of Digital Humanities Work: The Experience of King’s College London  Digital Lab. DPASSH: Digital Preservation for Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Sussex.
DPASSH: Digital Preservation for Social Sciences and Humanities
Tanner, S., & Smithies, J. (2016, September 10). Innovation and the Digital Humanities: Early lessons from the King’s Digital Laboratory. Digital Humanities Congress, University of Sheffield.
Digital Humanities Congress
Smithies, J. (2016). Full Stack DH: Building a Virtual Research Environment on a Raspberry PI. Digital Humanities 2016: Conference Abstracts, 364–365.
Digital Humanities 2016
Smithies, J., Millar, P., & Thomson, C. (2015, July 3). Building Post-disaster Social Capital: A Current State Report on the UC CEISMIC Digital Archive. DH2015, University of Western Sydney.
Smithies, J. (2014). Connecting the Periphery: The History of Computing in New Zealand 1950 - 2000. SHOT 2014, Dearborn, Michigan.
SHOT 2014
Smithies, J. (2014). Data Integration in Canterbury: Lessons Learned from the CEISMIC Archive. eResearch NZ 2014, Massey University.
eResearch NZ 2014
Smithies, J. (2014). A View Inside the Ivory Towers: The Current State of Digital in New Zealand Academia. National Digital Forum, Te Papa Tongarewa: Museum of New Zealand.
National Digital Forum
Smithies, J., Millar, P., & Thomson, C. (2014). Integrated Data and Recovery: The UC CEISMIC Federated Archive. Third International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction, Boulder, CO.
Third International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction
Smithies, J., Millar, P., & Bellamy, C. (2013). State of the Art: Negotiating a Standards-approved Digital Humanities Curriculum. DH2013, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Smithies, J. (2013). Requirements for a New Zealand Humanities eResearch Infrastructure. eResearch 2013, University of Canterbury.
eResearch 2013
Smithies, J. (2012). Digital Humanities and Disaster Management: An Overview of the UC CEISMIC Digital Archive. Japanese Association of Digital Humanities Conference, Tokyo University.
Japanese Association of Digital Humanities Conference
Smithies, J. (2012). Federated Digital Archives and Disaster Recovery: The Role of the Digital Humanities in Post-earthquake Christchurch. Digital Humanities 2012. DH2012, Hamburg University.
Smithies, J. (2018, September 3). From Lab to University: Towards an Institutional RSE Career Pathway. RSE2018, Birmingham.

Selected Talks

Smithies, J. (2022, February 25). Modes of Historical Analysis: Digital Approaches to Global and Imperial History. Balliol College Global & Imperial History Research Seminar, University of Oxford.
Smithies, J. (2021, December 16). Mysterium tremendum et fascinans: Rethinking the Technology of Literature & Culture. Literature & Culture and/as Intelligent Systems, University of Stuttgart (Zoom).
Balaawi, F., Mubaideen, S., Smithies, J., Flohr, P., Esposito, A., Palmer, C., & Idwan, S. (2021). The MaDiH (مديح): Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan, Opportunities and Limitations. Culture and Computing. Interactive Cultural Heritage and Arts, 12794, 15–26.
Series Title: Lecture Notes in Computer Science DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-77411-0_2
Smithies, J. (2020, December 15). Framing the Problem: AHRC IRC UK-Ireland DH Network. UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Network workshop “Capacity Enhancement in DH: Training and Beyond,” King’s College London (Zoom).
Smithies, J. (2020, December 12). The Strategic Values of the Digital Humanities: Practices, Teaching, Research. Inaugural Lecture, Faculty of Humanities, UPF Barcelona (Zoom).
Smithies, J. (2020, October 22). Archiving & Sustainability in King’s Digital Lab [Towards deterioration, disappearance or destruction? Panel Discussion]. DHN2021, Zoom.
Smithies, J., & Ciula, A. (2020, September 29). King’s Digital Lab as Experiment  and Lifecycle. SORSE - A Series of Online Research Software Events, King’s College London (Online).
Smithies, J. (2020, April 14). Applied Research in the Arts & Humanities: The Applying AI to Storytelling Project. Berkeley DH Fair, D-Lab Berkeley (Online).
Smithies, J. (2019, November 19). Digital Humanities Labs & Global Cyber-infrastructure. Rebuilding Laboratories Workshop, University of Birmingham, Institute of Advanced Studies.
Smithies, J. (2019, September 19). King’s Digital Lab Research Software Engineering Career Paths. Russell Universities Group IT Directors Forum (RUGIT), Cardiff University.
Smithies, J., Ciula, A., Otis, J., Cheslack-Postava, F., Holmes, M., Arneil, S., Newton, G., & Mulliken, J. (2019, July 12). Clearing the Air for Maintenance and Repair: Strategies, Experiences, Full Disclosure [Panel Discussion]. Digital Humanities 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Hall, E., & Smithies, J. (2019, July 10). Misremembering Machines: A Creative Collaboration on Memory in AI-driven Storytelling [Keynote address]. Digital Humanities 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Smithies, J. (2019, May 29). Digital Modernity: Some Preliminary Thoughts. King’s College London / NYU Digital Theory Workshop, King’s College London Department of Digital Humanities.
Smithies, J. (2019, May 23). The Epistemology of the Machine: Natural Philosophy, Digital Laboratories, and Cultural Heritage.
Smithies, J. (2019, March 27). Integrating DH into the longue durée: Research Laboratories, History, Methods. Australian Academy of the Humanities second annual Humanities, Arts and Culture Data Summit and third international DARIAH Beyond Europe workshop, National Library of Australia.
Smithies, J. (2019, February 22). Digital History and the Digital Modern. Center for Digital History Aarhus (CEDHAR) Launch: Keynote, Aarhus University.
Smithies, J. (2019, January 16). Maximising Research Capacity & Quality in Digital Laboratories: The Philosophy behind King’s Digital Lab.
Smithies, J. (2018, October 18). Research Software Careers: Establishing Local, National and International Pathways. Research London Launch Event, Imperial College London.
Smithies, J. (2018, June 27). Digital Cultural Heritage in the UK: 5 Lessons Learned. Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development in Jordan Workshop, The Jordan Museum, Amman, Jordan.
Smithies, J. (2017, November 30). Systems Development & Applications / Data Lifecycle Management at King’s Digital Lab.
Smithies, J. (2017, November 13). King’s Digital Lab & the Georgian Papers Programme.
Smithies, J., & Callaghan, S. (2017, October 27). Georgian Papers Programme [Colonial and Postcolonial DH Panel Discussion]. Race, Memory, and the Digital Humanities Conference, Omohundro Institute, College of William and Mary.
Smithies, J. (2017, July 26). Humans in the Loop: King’s Digital Lab as Socio-technical System.
Smithies, J. (2017, July 5). Towards a Socio-technical Analysis of Digital Laboratories: Reading King’s Digital Lab through STS.
Smithies, J. (2017, March 28). Establishing Digital Humanities Labs in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Smithies, J. (2016, October 26). Artificial Intelligence, Digital Humanities, and the Automation of Labour.
Smithies, J. (2016, April 18). Software Intensive Humanities. Sussex Humanities Lab Seminar Series, University of Sussex.
Meyer, E., Lucie Burgess, Eccles, K., & Smithies, J. (2016, January 27). Eric T. Meyer, and Ralph Schroeder. Knowledge Machines: Networks of Knowledge in the Digital Age [Panel Discussion].
Smithies, J. (2015, September). The Co-evolution of Maturity and Capability in Digital Humanities Research.
Smithies, J. (2015, August). An Introduction to Digital Humanities. W.H. Oliver Speaker Series, Massey University.
Smithies, J. (2015, July). University of Canterbury Digital Humanities Programme. Innovations in DH Workshop, University of Western Sydney.
Smithies, J. (2015, July). Project Management for Digital Humanities Projects.
Smithies, J. (2014, November). Stories from UC CEISMIC: Social Data in the Wake of Disaster. NZ Open Data Day, University of Canterbury.
Smithies, J. (2014). Big Data & Difficult Data: The UC CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquakes Digital Archive.
Smithies, J. (2014, February). Digital Humanities in Canterbury and New Zealand. Digital Humanities Workshop, Otago University.
Smithies, J. (2013, August). The Digital Humanities and NZ Libraries. CONZUL Research Infrastructure Focus Group, Auckland University.
Smithies, J. (2013, August). Canterbury Utopias, Past, Present and Future.
Smithies, J. (2018, May 13). Infrastructure and Processes for Digital Preservation. Digital Preservation Workshop, Stanford University Centre for Spatial & Text Analysis.
Smithies, J. (2013). The UC CEISMIC Digital Archive: Co-ordinating Libraries, Museums, Archives, Individuals and Government Agencies in a Disaster Management Context. Scholars’ Lab Speaker Series, Scholars’ Lab, University of Virginia.

Interviews & Podcasts

Feiying, L. (2020). An Interview with Dr. James Smithies, the Director of King’s Digital Lab at King’s College London. Digital Humanities (Beijing), 2.
Digital Humanities (Beijing)
Schmidt, P. (n.d.). Architecture and Research Software Engineering (No. 25/05/2021).
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