I use this space to store a number of different virtual machines. Most are offered in the form of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), originally hosted on academicami.org. These products are best described as "servers in a box": virtualised Linux computers with useful web applications (ranging from content management systems to electronic journal software) pre-installed. They launch online, offering a 'ready-made' website or archive live on the Internet and are eligible for Amazon's free tier for your first year of use. They're intended for experimentation, prototyping, familiarisation, teaching, and training. Feel free to use and remix them, but please take a look at the instructions, security advice, and FAQs first. They are not secure. If you find them useful you might also be interested in TurnKey Linux.

Because I don't always need my sandpit environments to be online, and like to teach digital humanities to classes who all use the same operating system, I also maintain a Linux operating system with a variety of DH tools installed. It can be downloaded and run using Virtualbox.



Instantly launch a popular Amazon Machine Image (AMI). If you are logged into an Amazon Web Services account these links will launch straight into the startup wizard.

Geoserver 2.1.4

Omeka 2.1.3 (+ Neatline)


Download a complete Linux operating system, with DH tools useful for DH work installed (~ 9gb). Runs using Virtualbox. Click here for instructions and here for a complete specification.

Ubuntu 15.10 for Digital Humanities