AWS Security

The AMIs offered here are not intended for immediate production use. While they could well be used for that purpose if care is taken to harden the install appropriately, the intention is more to provide sandbox environments that can be used to learn about the web applications in question, and Amazon Web Services generally.

Remember that the default usernames / logons for all aspects of the web applications loaded onto these AMIs are in the public domain, through the ReadMe files provided with each AMI. If you intend to use the AMI for anything other than sandbox purposes they should be changed.

The AMIs are Free Tier Eligible, which means you can experiment with them without cost if your Amazon AWS account is a recent one. Please check Amazon Free Tier Offer Terms for more details.

Amazon Web Services provide a useful cloud infrastructure, but it may not be suitable for many people in the academic community. Although it is possible to get the AMIs provided through this site working easily, ongoing maintenance of a production site requires a relatively high degree of technical competence. Amazon AWS is useful for experimentation and provision of high availability computing environments, but if you need a well supported hosting environment you’d be best to look elsewhere.