Omeka 2.1.3 (+ Neatline)

Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of influences, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Its “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog.

Neatline allows scholars, students, and curators to tell stories with maps and timelines. As a suite of add-on virtualmachines for Omeka, it opens new possibilities for hand-crafted, interactive spatial and temporal interpretation.

Name: academicami-omeka-2.1.3-neatline

Description: Micro Amazon Linux 32bit instance with LAMP server and Omeka 2.1.3 installed (+ Neatline).

Server: Apache 2.2.26, MySql 5.5.34, PHP 5.3.28, phpMyAdmin

Plugins: Coins, Commenting, CreativeCommonsChooser, DocsViewer, Dropbox, DublinCoreExtended, ExhibitBuilder, Geolocation, Guest User, Html5Media, ItemOrder, Neatline, NeatlineTime, NeatlineFeatures, NeatlineSimile, NeatlineWaypoints, OaipmhHarvester, OaiPmhRepository, Scripto, SimpleContactForm, SimplePages, SocialBookmarking.

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